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Cam Kırıkları

Of Broken Glass

Cam Kırıkları (Of Broken Glass), is the story of a quest for identity and reckoning with her ​​leaving of Suna who was abandoned to orphanages on the day she was born. Müjgan, who had to leave her baby because of the pressure of her father and self-seeking salvation by marrying an older man  Erol, lives now in the same house with Suna who settled in the house of her husband as a nurse that she searched for years without knowing that her daughter lives. Basic tension of the story is the relationship between mother and daughter. On the one hand, blinkered Müjgan, longed for years for her daughter who is now beside her, on the other hand, Suna, for many years longing to lean her head on her mother's chest but can not face her due to the resentment of abandonment. They are the two innocent victims confronting the sins that has been lived in the past. Unlocked through the story of what happened in the past will be opened one at a time, the curtains of now will be spaced.